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Reasons James is Late for School

1. All three of my kids bathed this morning and that adds 20 minutes to my routine.

2. I washed my hair and that adds 20 minutes to my routine.

3. Kevin decided at 7:45pm the night before, we should go to the condo and get the tires so I can get the snow tires off. No one got to bed until 10pm.

4. The phrase “Get in the car” makes my two year old poop.

5. The phrase “Get in the car” makes all shoes magically disappear so that no child 7 0r 4 can find them.

6. I lay in bed until the last possible moment before getting up and dealing with waking my children up – not morning people.

7. My son gets upset when I forget HIS backpack.

8. We believe in being fashionably late.

9. We like to make entrances.

10. I decided to let my kids stay home for a day until I realized that means I would be home with them.

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