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Reflections on turning 36 by marianne hansen

Ahem. I am 36 today. When I was in college, i thought i would be doing something different at 36. I thought I would be thinner, working at a firm in a large city, with amazing hair and fashion sense. Instead I am the epitome of suburbia. I am married to a dentist. I stay home. I often don’t have time to do my hair and i deal way too much in bodily fluids which are not my own. I am sleeping 12-16 hours a day and i haven’t gone dancing the night before. if i stay up late it is for the silence or because i can’t stop knitting. it is not because i am having a party or to watch movies all night or anything fun at all. once a year i may stay up to watch 24 in a 24 hour period, but even then i fall asleep around 1am. i miss captain kangaroo. i used to watch that every morning as a child. it taught me about ping pong balls.

I received an ipod nano and case and skull candy which I bought myself and I’m going out to lunch with a friend. i have the babysitter coming an hour early so i can walk around a book store and splurge on a $15 bracelet. Kevin did just send a huge bouquet of daisies, so he is saved for one more year. of course the card said it was from James, Katherine and Seth, but i know better. I am 36; you can’t trick me…

none of my friends differ much from me. i no longer know people who sleep where they end up at night or who work half the year to travel the other half by illegal measures. my friends now take cruises or actually buy tickets for trains or rent a car. I don’t even know jack bauer personally.


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