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Season for gratitude

What I am grateful for
by Marianne Hansen Rencher

I am grateful George Lucas made 6 Star Wars movies because that is all Seth will watch right now. He asks for “Bad Guys” and then shoots the tv screen when Darth Vadar comes on. He also shoots the screen when Dora and Elmo come on as well. It may be a theme.

I am thankful that we have a relationship with Santa who comes to our ice skating party, our trolley pary, and to our elementary school. Seth runs up to him and immediately sits on his lap. I am not grateful for the fact that Katherine asks for something different every time she sees him.

I am grateful for cheetos because my kids are quiet when they have them.

I am grateful for wet wipes for after the cheetos and for everything else that happens…

I am grateful for Lunchables that now come with water, a snack, a dessert and a main meal. I am especially grateful on Mon, Wed, and Fri when Katherine goes to school and must change a few times before her outfit is just right.

I am grateful that we are on first name basis with the owners of the new bakery. (Their kids see Kevin)

I am grateful we have enough money I can keep the car running when I run to get Kath from school or I run into the gas station when it is negative 22. I am also grateful that all the exhaust I am causing seems to be settling down in Utah and not in Montana.

I am grateful that it is above zero and my nose hairs are no longer frozen.

Finally, I am grateful for the Christmas season because I don’t have to get 3 kids ready in the morning and I can ignore my children and read a book because we are ALL on vacation!

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