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My Self-Publishing Journal Entry 1

2017 is all sorts of new and out of my cute, little, secure box. I’m bullet journaling and actually keeping track of what I am and am not doing. I am also publishing my book this year.

I’ve decided to self-publish.

And I’m incredibly scared. Big time scared. I am so far out of my cute, little secure box that I’m unsure I know where the box is anymore.

You may ask: Why is this so scary? You already write stuff and put that on the Internet so put your book out there too. Except my blog and my book are different.  One tries to show the irony in every day life and how this can be conquered with good shoe choices.  My book is about the irony in life and how you have to make hard choices all the time and try really hard not to screw up.   And there are shoes in it as well.  I mean, come on.

But it just seems more serious to me.

So now I’m standing up, alone, shivering in the cold (I live in Montana) without a box. As I’ve been standing here, knitting a scarf so I don’t shiver so much, I decided I didn’t want to do this alone. So I’ve decided to write about it and see if that makes me less lonely. And maybe, just maybe, someone else out there who is in over their head like I am can learn from my mistakes.

And then we can be not alone, in over our heads, outside a box, shivering in the cold while knitting scarves. (I’m going to see how far I can take this image before I go figure out what we’re having for dinner.)

Self-publishing isn’t just self-publishing. It’s also marketing. And you may ask why I chose this as my publishing option when I don’t have any background in marketing.

This is a very good question.

I could say that I tried the traditional publishing route, but I’m unsure that’s true. If traditional publishing were a pool, I basically dipped my toe in it and looked around and decided not to jump in.

I sent my manuscript to less than ten agents. Way less. Maybe to half that many. Actually I think it might have been six, but who’s counting?


That isn’t enough. The most wonderful stories of successful authors out there like J.K.Rowling tell you that less than 10 agents isn’t enough. You need to send it out to more.

And the agents were kind to me. I was rejected, yes, but they also took the time to write to me with the rejection and that doesn’t often happen. It built my confidence in certain aspects of my writing. It was even encouraging in a rejected-sort-of way.

But I hated writing queries. And I couldn’t get myself to write queries. It is very hard to get an agent if you don’t actually write to any.  Then I found Elizabeth Lyon’s blog and course. It clicked with me. I just felt like I could self-publish. It didn’t make me as tired as thinking about writing a query. This makes no sense, but it’s true.

So that is what I’m going to do.

And it is so incredibly scary.

So come along with me on this journey.  If you happen to get lost, look for the person hiding behind the really long scarf wrapped around her head a few times, standing next to a box, shivering.

self-publishing journal entry

Please do not look closely to the actual knit. It’s hard to knit while shivering next to a box.


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