Shoe Chronicles

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There’s gotta be a story here.


Every month I will send you a story about a pair of my shoes.  Is it fact?  Is it fiction?  You decide and drop me a line.  I’ll let you know if you’re right.

I consider myself to have a generally dull day-to-day  life.  I’m a stay at home mom whose job description seems to include knowing where the left soccer cleat of child #2 is at all times.  Finding irony and being able to embellish day-to-day life has become a job necessity.  (And makes for a better blog.)

My shoes, on the other hand, have many a story to tell!

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P.S. Look, I understand that I am wearing the shoes when these stories are created, but, I hope this doesn’t shock you and you lose all respect for me, I don’t actually wear butterfly heels every day.  I know.  I should.  Vacuuming would probably take on a whole new meaning if I wore Day of the Dead heels while doing it.  But my ultimate goal in life is to not vacuum and I feel if I try to improve the experience with better footwear, I won’t fight hard enough for a life of leisure and live-in servants.

I have to look at the big picture.  I hope you understand.

P.P.S.  Plus, stories about me vacuuming in heels aren’t that exciting.  Now if I’m vacuuming up confetti from election night after candidate Vargas becomes President Vargas and then gets shot, that would be exciting.  But it would also be a plot in Scandal.