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My New Newsletter Starring SHOES

I’ve been thinking about my newsletter. 

And I have an announcement!

I’m starting a Fable or Fact Footwear Conundrum Newsletter!

It’s about shoes.  (But let us pause for a moment to appreciate the above alliteration.)

Every month, I will send a picture of and story about a pair of shoes I own.  The shoes will actually be mine, but you must decide if the story about them is fact or fiction.  It could be about how I purchased them (like the post on my Day of the Dead shoes), something that happened to me while wearing them (or trying them on), or why I purchased them. For instance, the pair  below was purchased after an elk hoof was brought into my house by the dog.

shoe mystery

The fact I used horrid wallpaper on this selfie does not take away from the amazingness of these shoes!  It may just be hard to tell.  I need to learn  better photography techniques.

Every month it will be a different pair of shoes.  You email me whether it’s true or not and  I will email you the correct answer. 

Sign up for the Newsletter today and you will receive the first Footwear Conundrum within the week. Conundrums are easy; taking pictures to highlight the perfection of the shoes takes longer.And if there is a pair you’ve wondered about, feel free to ask.  It’s story may show up in the following installment.

When I first thought of this idea, I wanted to find out if anyone has done this before.  I searched “Shoe Mystery.”

Searches related to shoe mystery

mystery of the disembodied feet watch online

shoes with feet in them washing up in canada

I feel like this opens up all sorts of story ideas.   Also, don’t  be shocked if I use the phrases “severed feet” and “disembodied” as tags for my newsletter.  I’ve been learning about marketing and it’s important to use popular keywords.  True, they should relate to what you actually write, but I may buy a pair of shoes because of disembodied feet one day.  It’s not too likely.  But I do go to Canada often.

(Please keep in mind that I’m still learning how to do this and may email you something  incomplete by accident.  Feel free to email me and let me know and/or complain.  It could give me another reason to buy a new pair of shoes.)

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