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Strengthening Strengths while being Strong

I’m trying something new.  For me.  I’ve been taught I should discover my weaknesses to make them strengths.

I’ve decided not to do that anymore.  I’ve decided to figure out what my strengths are and make them out of control strengths.  So strong that I could bench press 420 lbs of my strengths.  

Metaphors may not be one of my top 5. 

There’s a test called Clifton Strength Finders test.  It lists 34 traits in order of how strongly you have them.

My type five are:

  1. Input
  2. Learner
  3. Intellection
  4. Individualization
  5. Empathy

Basically I like to learn a lot and if you do happen to be near me as I’m learning or spewing some knowledge, I will feel sorry for you. Individually.

I learned about this by discovering Becca Syme.  She helps writers to write better faster…. In fact that’s her catch phrase.  I think you should read her books even if you are not a writer.  Nothing she says in new, but it’s sinking in this time.

I should look at my strengths and use them to change my habits or to be more productive.  It makes more sense to work with what I have than to try to force something.  People are good at things but we are also bad at things.  I’ve always considered myself fairly perfect, but not completely.

I’m not great at creating Harmony.  I won’t agree just to agree and have everyone on the same page.  I don’t care if I’m on the same page.  I don’t care if I’m in the same book.  If I feel or believe a certain way, I think I should be able to tell you. 

This has caused problems in my life.

I won’t be antagonist, but I won’t agree just to agree. I feel like that’s lying to people. And I try not to lie to people unless I’m at the DMV.

But now I know it’s a weakness and maybe I can realize when it’s happening.

Doesn’t mean I’ll agree with you to create harmony.  But maybe I’ll keep my mouth shut.

Until I’m alone.  

Or live on Instagram.

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