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The Swimming Suit Dilemma of 2016

I would like some input on a conversation that occurred this weekend.

My husband asked my mom what she is most worried about going to Mexico for Christmas.  This will be the first time she has gone to Mexico.  This is actually the first time in her life she has a passport.  We thought there could be a lot of responses.  Her response?

“Marianne is going to make me wear a swimsuit.”

Now.  Before the is mutiny among the ranks, I never said my mom had to WEAR a swimsuit.  I said she had to BRING a swimsuit.

I understand she hasn’t worn a swimming suits in a few decades and I understand that only a handful of people no one really likes enjoy wearing a bathing suit even a little.  I simply believe you should have a swimsuit if you are spending a week on a beach.

And so I ordered her one.  I did NOT order a bikini or some slutty number for my octogenarian mother.

I ordered board shorts that go to the knee; a modest top; a long sleeve rash guard; and a cover-up.

It looks a bit like this.

It looks a bit like this.


So here is the question:

Am I a horrible daughter for making my mom take a swimming suit to Mexico?


    1. Marianne Hansen says:

      But I said please.

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