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The Family Vacation part Scottish

Scotland. Just Scotland. I love Scotland

I love Scotland.  I don’t know why my family left.  They were farmers for an aristocrat which means they were a nicely established middle-class family outside of Fife.  I bet they even had a horse.  They lived in a beautiful part of the country and they had access to a lot of land.  But they left in the 1600’s or so according to an app I have.  Why?  Why, I say.

This is me in front of the church in Fife. There wasn’t any wind. I just did my hair like this.

I did not realize, however, that Old Edinburgh is on top of a hill.  I guess hills are good places for castles because you can see enemies coming.  I get that.  I just wish the travel website I used to get our apartment used a topographic map so that I knew we were going to be climbing 5 flights of stairs every day.  Yes, it had a great location.  Yes, it was an amazing apartment.  None of that was false advertising.  I do feel like the 2D map of its location was, however.

Edinburgh is simply beautiful.  But can you see the castle?  How it’s above everything?  We stayed by there.

All was forgiven when we went to the castle and they threw a huge party for us.

They hired a band for us.

They had the military guard come

And did a 21 gun salute!

It may have been the Duke of Edinburgh’s birthday too.  Hard to know which they were celebrating.

Normally, Edinburgh castle shoots off the cannon at 1 pm for boats to know how close they are to land.  They chose 1 pm because that’s only one military shell instead of 12 and the Scottish are frugal.

I may not have this gene when it comes to buying shoes.  There are a lot of shoe stores in Scotland, though.  Maybe Scottish frugality doesn’t apply to shoes.

We also learned that Ob-Won-Kenobi had been to Edinburgh Castle.

It’s uncanny how they knew in the 1500’s what he’d look like

How can you not want to visit this lion?

We visited The Edinburgh Dungeon. Not what we expected, but a lot of fun. I was found to be a witch…

Doesn’t she look like she belongs? My family should’ve just stayed…

I have no idea what is going on here.

We would leave early in the morning and arrive back late and so we didn’t see the street performers actually performing.  But we did see…

A wizard works here 9-5

The props.

But we didn’t miss the taxi water fight!  Once a year, taxi drivers take special needs kids down the main street of Old Edinburgh and there is a massive water fight.  It was so much fun for everyone!

How great is this tradition?

I also found out that the Sims family (my ancestors) are part of the Fraser clan.

Fraser Tartan

I love Scotland.  I would also live here if given a chance.  I could live in Ireland and summer in Scotland.  I would have the greatest confused accent ever.

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