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The Family Vacation

We went to find our roots... Part of me wished my family had stayed

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, I updated my website regularly. 

I’ve had a few people ask how book sales are going.  Well, I haven’t been marketing the book so they’re going as expected with no marketing.  I’m slowly making my way back into the world.  Or at least into the world that includes more than a family vacation and driving to sports and dinosaur camps.

The summer started off with a family vacation.  We decided we wanted to see where our ancestors are from and whether or not they made the right choice to emigrate.  We came home with mixed feelings.

My husband and I have almost the same genealogical background.  We are both from Scotland and Denmark.  He is also from Ireland and so on this trip, we went to Ireland, Scotland, and Denmark.  We need another trip to England and my ancestors will be basically covered.  (There are two generations on my mom’s side that lived in Barbadoes while working for the West Indies company.  I also found someone born in Jamaica and another born in Honduras.  They both died in the colonies, so I’m assuming there were a couple birthing pit stops on the way to North America.  I’m still claiming my Caribbean ancestry, though, and planning that genealogy trip for the winter.)

I love Ireland.  I’ve stated and stand by the statement that I’d move there if I could.  I have one relative who was born here in the 1600’s or something, but I can’t lay much claim to being Irish.  So I lie.

How can you not love this country?

This was on a beam in a pub.  I’m not 100% on the meaning but I think it’s hopeful.

They have such triangular bathroom signs. How can you not love this?

Kilkenny closed down the main road for bicycle day. Our kids left some tags and we went on a free bike ride.

And Trinity College library organizes their books by size. Why doesn’t everyone?

I realize these pictures are rather random, and I should’ve thought about posts when taking pictures in Ireland, but I’m sure Scotland and Denmark will be better.

Those will have to wait a couple of days, though.  This post is much longer than I normally post and it’s making me nervous.  More will be coming.  I promise.  (I can say this with confidence because I’m writing the posts right now, but having them load in the future.  I know how to do that.  I think it’s because I’m 0.000002% Irish.)

And I promise:  If I go on the Carribean Ancestry Tour, my pictures will be amazing!

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