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The Glue that Keeps us Together

a miniature labradoodle looking at the camera while walking in the woods
This picture has absolutely nothing to do with the following post. But I believe it is a nice representation of not being on here for a while. Clearly Ginny the dog is not happy with me being too far away. Or she wants a treat. Hard to tell.

Back into the world of writing things that hopefully entertain but probably don’t really matter.  (I adapted the tag line form The Popcast with Knox and Jamie.  They are fairly hilarious.  I’ve also decided I’m going to try and use as many -ly adverbs as fantastically possible as I can.)

I used to write here regularly.  Then I stopped.  Then I started again.  Then I stopped again.  Then I started again.  It’s an amazingly wonderful cycle.  Keeps people who read what I write on their toes.

I stopped because I write fictional novels but I write about life how I see it here.  (Probably just as fictional if I’m going to be honest.)  The problem was that I had one or two people believe I wrote memoir or something in between fiction and nonfiction.  I will admit that my voice comes out in my writing and my main character may say things that I may say because I try to create characters who are hilarious and incredibly likable and so there will obviously be a crossover of personalities.  But I’ve never had an affair with a movie star and I’ve never divorced and been proposed to in a hot air balloon and I wish I could control all of the responses my teens give me like I do the teens I create.

But I missed writing about the irony of life.  I suppose I could still write about it and then just not post it, but what’s the fun in that?  I couldn’t have people comment and praise me or tell me that I’m judgmental and completely wrong if I kept everything to myself.

I’m also much better at writing than speaking.  I edit what I write here.  I don’t edit what I say.  It’s so much harder to edit while one is speaking and thinking at the same time.  I know I’m supposed to think and then speak but sometimes I get the order confused.  I’ve done that a couple of times with writing but much, much less.

And I can delete those posts.

So here are my thoughts after sorting through crafts for a party.  The most amazing invention for children’s parties are self-adhesives.  You can make whole projects without any glue at all.  You just pull off a piece of backing and stick some eyeballs onto a styrofoam gingerbread figure.  It’s like magic. 

Yes, you have a bunch of tiny papers to pick up, but that’s why there are Roombas.  You just keep one going around the kids’ feet.  You can put self-adhesive eyes on it and tell the kids it’s a cat.

And, yes, you can’t eat glue this way.  I haven’t seen paste in ages and liquid glue isn’t very fun to drink.  You can’t glue your hands together anymore either.  I think part of the reason my hands still look young are all the chemical glue peels I did in kindergarten.  Or peals?

I got a lot of stress out of my system by squeezing those glue bottles empty with each Christmas project.  I had amazing biceps as well.  For a five year old.

But besides that…

And as an adult…

I love not having glue.  I love it.  I don’t have to worry about one project sticking to all other projects or needing a full day to dry because there is no such thing as too much glue.

It’s just a beautiful thing.

And then we can save the environment by saving glue for more important things.

Like slime.

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  1. Arlo Bassett says:

    I miss glue. As a child inloved painting it on to my hands, then peel it off as it dried.

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