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The Story Behind the Story

Lizzy Dillinger fantasizes about her old life before becoming a typical stay at home wife and mom; so much so that she even writes a book about it.  She’s excited when people love it.  She’s thrilled when it gets contracted for a movie.  Then Tanya Miller, her best friend from college and producer on the film, has another plot twist for her.

Lizzy finds out a romantic lead is being played by her Hollywood crush… Ben Winters!  Then, in the ultimate shock of all, Ben and Lizzy hit it off.  Now Lizzy has to decide:

Will she stay in her ho-hum marriage or have an affair of a lifetime?

After Ben and Lizzy hit it off, he asks her where she gets her story ideas from.

A waitress came over and asked Ben if he’d like a drink.

He nodded at me. “What would you like?”

“Water with lemon.”

“Make that two,” he said to the waitress. She bobbed her head, and I stared.

“This is actually really fun to watch.”

“Will I make it into your next book?”


“I’ve always wondered how authors get their ideas.”

“There’s a shop in Albuquerque.” I was pulling this off. I was having a normal conversation with Ben Winters—I mean Ben—and I hadn’t even tried to see if he wore boxers or briefs.

“Where did you get the idea for this book?”

“I actually went to Mexico on a humanitarian trip in college.”

Where did Iget the idea for this book you ask?  Well, I also went on a humanitarian trip to Mexico in college, but that’s pretty much where the similarities between Lizzy and me end.

I got the idea one weekend when I had the flu.  I was lying in bed, trying to breathe, and binge-watching The O.C.  On the second day of this, I started wondering if Seth, Summer, and Ryan from The O.C. would like me if they met me.  (I didn’t care if Marissa liked me.  She was a lost soul.)  Then I remembered it was a fictional TV show and they were fictional people and real people may find it odd if I was wondering if I could be friends with fictional people. 

I then wondered if the actors playing the characters would like me if they met me.  Then my mind kept going.  Would a famous actor hang out with a stay at home mom?  Why would an actor and a stay at home mom meet?  What if the actor and mom met and hit it off?  More than friends?  Would she stay with her husband?

I thought it was an interesting question.  I asked a few people what they would do.  It started some engaging conversations.  I kept thinking about it and decided to write about it.  I had started a book about a girl going on a humanitarian trip to Mexico, but it didn’t go anywhere.  I took parts from that book and added a lonely stay at home mom, a couple of friends and an actor.

In other words, my Recipe for a Novel

1/4 cup binging TV

1/8 cup cold medicine

1/4 cup watching people and their reactions

1/4 cup imagination

1/8 cup real life

A sprinkle of crying and overreacting  (Some around me may say I added more than a sprinkle but they should have more empathy.)

And now it’s all put together with a pretty cover.

I bet Summer from The O.C. would read it and LOVE it!

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