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To join a Gym or not join a Gym

If you admit what you are about to do is hypocritical, does that make you less of a hypocrite?  Because if it doesn’t matter, then I really don’t see why I should continue writing.  If it does matter, then I am completely ok admitting I am a hypocrite as long as that means I’m really not.

I have been debating joining a gym I swore I wouldn’t join.  It is the newest one in town and I thought it would have an amazing kids’ area, but it doesn’t.  The drawings showed an indoor jungle gym area and so I was going to sign up before it was built.  But then it opened with some toys and an xbox.  The pool doesn’t have any water slides or anything either.  I would be signing up just for me and right now, that is a stupid thing to do.  If my kids are not happy with the gym, it is a lot harder for me to get to the gym.  I swore I wouldn’t join this gym because it was too much money and they cut back on the kids area.  They may not be the greatest reasons in the world, but they are mine and I am sticking with them.

The community center by my mom’s house has water slides and a huge children’s area.  They have kids’ classes.  They think of kids when they build instead of throwing a daycare in and having it be the first thing to cut back on if costs run high. (Huh.  Sounds like I am bitter.  Who knew?)

If I join the YMCA, these guys lead the group lessons, right?

But there really isn’t a great gym daycare in town.  They are all small without much to do.  I was going to join a gym due to group classes, and the new one has a lot of classes. I would just go in the evenings when I  am so sick of everyone in my family, I need to blow off some steam anyhow, but I was dragging my feet.

This morning, though, I got a NEW idea.  I could join where my friend goes and her son and my son play together and everyone would be happy.  In one week I went from joining the most expensive, nicest gym in town to joining the YMCA.  I am a very versatile person.  AND it means I’m not a hypocrite.  It’s win-win- (and if I get in shape) win.


  1. Great solution. Workout buddies help immensely. They’re ratchet up our guilt, at the very least.

    1. Marianne says:

      I agree. We each have to wear a rubber band on our wrist and if we aren’t running hard enough, the other gets to snap it.

  2. I agree with Leanne – workout buddies help a lot.

    I would be just as pissed if this amazingly awesome workout place cut back on their advertised kid center… They will learn it was a bad decision when not as my parents join, or if they do, they don’t stay.

    I belong to a huge, expensive gym. I chose it because it was the one more family oriented: they have an infant room, a play room loaded with toys, a computer area, an indoor playground, an outdoor play ground, and a mini-basketball court – JUST in the child care center.

    They also have an indoor pool (open year round) and an outdoor pool (for summer) with water slides and 0 feet entry (great for my Lil Diva and when The Tackler was small). Given what it would cost to join a pool for summer, it made total sense.

    I. Love. It. It’s worth the price just in the hours I use it for childcare. And today after I worked out and had a shower, I took my kids to their pool for an hour.

    If I joined a gym with almost nothing for my kids, they’d never want to go, and I’d never workout – it would just be throwing money down the toilet.

    Your aren’t hypocritical at all for not joining the intended place after they failed to deliver.

    1. Marianne says:

      I envy you. I honestly believe one of the reasons I can’t get back into exercising since kids is the lack of good play area for my kids. That and the Snickers for breakfast but the wrapper says it satisfies and that is good enough for me.

  3. I tried the gym thing in college when I had an amazing figure and was trolling for hard bodied guys (i.e. not really interested in sweating or working out). Now that I actually sweat, grunt, groan and facial contort I opt to do so with less embarrassment in my home gym. It works for me and I have the “back” (as on babys got some) to prove it!

    Sounds like you found a great system! Can’t beat the Y – that’s where I’d go if I went public.

    Have fun!

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