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To Name a Building

My husband is building a building.  A very large and spacious building (if you are LDS, you will understand this reference; if you are not LDS, know that what I just wrote is really, really funny).  Due to legal stuff, my name is on all the papers for this building and this causes me slight stress.  It is a really big building.  To make me feel better, I suppose, my husband has said I get to name it.  I thought you and I could brainstorm together.

This building may be slightly bigger than the one my husband is building.

Montanan Names:

The Elkhorn building

The Deerhorn building

The Bears don’t have horns building

The Pinewood building

The Deciduous Forest building

Location Names:

The Knob Hill building (it is located on knob hill)

The South Hills building (it is by the South Hills)

The Montana building (It is in Montana)

Names describing the building process:

The Steel and Timber building

The Ax and Saw building

The Overpriced Heating System building

A little too honest names:

The Causing Marital Strife Building

The If You Get Granite in your Building I Get Granite in my Kitchen building

The it’s a good thing there is space unrented because we may be moving in building

(I’m thinking this last one is too long)

So if you had a building, what would you name it?


  1. Emilie says:

    the sexy red head on the title, but not interested in the building building. 🙂 you’re so funny

  2. Elena Aitken says:

    I’d go with “The If You Get Granite in Your Building I Get Granite in My Kitchen’ building.
    I think it’s catchy.

  3. The Comedy of Errers building?

    And yes, Granite in your kitchen. Definitely.

  4. Michael R. Robinson says:

    Does it have an interesting address or intersection? Otherwise, why not just name it: “Rencher Towers”?

    1. Marianne says:

      I choose Rencher Towers. Kevin said no.

  5. Andrea says:

    The Bear Bottom building.

  6. Heidi says:

    Maybe you could take your names Marianne and Kevin and combine them like on Father of the Bride?

    Kevannne Complex?
    Marin Towers?

    Oh there’s so much to choose from….. I do hope it has a vending machine that give out free diet pepsi!

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