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How I’d Fix Healthcare AND Save Time

I had to go to my doctor recently.  She pointed out that I hadn’t had a physical in about 2.5 years.  I said, “Really?  But I seem to be at the doctor’s a lot.  Or at least once a year.

Just not for a physical.

Because health care is constantly in the headlines, I’d thought I’d pipe up.  Of course this has nothing to do with how much you pay for it, but what happens and when.

I think anytime my blood is taken, all tests should be run.  Just take enough and get it all done.  Put it in my file and everyone’s happy.

I had surgery a year ago for my little mountain biking slip-up.  I was already unconscious and a doctor was there.  I say make sure I’m healthy sometime during the four-hour surgery.  Makes sense to me and saves time.

I can answer any questions when I wake up and a little drowsy.  I’m more honest then anyhow.

And I think you can tell if I’m obese whether or not I stand on a scale.  Or that can be one of the questions you ask when I’m drowsy.  Although I think even my subconscious would lie.  Might be better to ask how many truckers gave me a little nod at the Flying J.

Because if we were all being honest, 80% of us would rather be passed out during a physical anyhow.  And the 20% have other issues.


  1. Megan says:

    The trucker-nod test is genius.

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