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Vodka and Bourbon

This isn’t as shocking as the title. Which really isn’t shocking. Maybe to my Mom.

I don’t normally buy alcohol.  It’s not a daily occurrence for me.  

Unless I need it for a recipe.

One of our favorite meals in the entire universe is Penne Ala Vodka. (We love it so much that I’m sure once other inhabitants of the universe are found, no matter what their food tastes like, we will like Penne ala Vodka more.)

It has cream and butter in it.

And Vodka.

Recently I went to a local liquor store to buy some vodka.  It was very educational.  

I learned that “top shelf” isn’t a brand.  “Top Shelf” liquor is the better quality liquor that one finds on the actual top shelf of the store.  How brilliant is that?

Once I learned that, I found the vodka section and sat on the ground to look at the bottom shelf.

The store I went to was having a wine tasting.  One of the staff asked if I would like to try a nice red wine.  I told her no.  I don’t drink, actually.  I just make pasta.

More recently, we decided to make cheese fondue.  We went through a fondue phase a few years ago, but couldn’t quite master cheese fondue.  

This time, we decided to follow the recipe completely.

And add the bourbon.

We always wondered why add bourbon?  We don’t need that ingredient.

Turns out – we did.

It was the best cheese fondue we’d ever med.  Ever.  I’m not a physics expert.  In fact, I would venture to say I’m not even a physics amateur.  (I commented to my kids it’s a good thing their teachers were working with them online because I wouldn’t be able to help with physics.  My 15 year old daughter said, “Physics is easy, Mom.  Just drop a ball.  Look!  Physics!”)

However, while eating the amazing cheese fondue, I realized that the bourbon did something that all of the other ingredients needed in order to be whole and complete.

The bourbon was the girl in Jerry McGuire he says “you complete me” to.

This time we borrowed the bourbon from a neighbor though.  (And by borrowed, I mean took.)  I don’t think it was bottom shelf, though.  It’s label was fancy and black.  

The vodka one was white.  With black words.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was No Name Brand.

It made me wonder if food was better with better alcohol.  I don’t think I’m going to find out though.  Making fondue messes up the kitchen.  And alcohol is expensive.  I know penne is a carb and some people think carbs are the root of all evil, and should stop me from making ten batches of Penne ala Vodka, but for me it’s the expense.

I’ve decided I’m okay being a bottom shelf liquor connoisseur.  I don’t need a step stool to reach it and I can buy it by the gallon.

Which comes in handy because of all the pasta I stress bought last week.

(I really didn’t.  I actually bought a box of pasta from an online store I really like about two months ago and still have a lot of it.  But that isn’t as good of an ending.

I didn’t take this picture. Louis Hansel did. Also, this isn’t a picture of my kitchen table. I don’t give anyone a menu.

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