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Wanna go to Kansas?

 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
I’m not sure if you could tell from my Mother’s Day expose, that we are not in Kansas anymore.  Last week I had all these great plans.  I was going to clean out the garage; I was going to buy land; I was going to do laundry; I was going to feed my children.  Instead, I got Seth’s cold.  I bought season 2 of Law and Order, filled the fridge with Lunchables, and tried to get the dirty clothes pile to the ceiling.

I woke up Sunday really wanting to stay home from church but I was singing with 5 other people and Kevin was giving a talk.  We got up and got the kids ready and Kevin was going to take the kids to church when I told him he could wait 10 minutes for me.  He had something at the office he needed, but he waited.  Good thing because the van didn’t start.  Nothing.  Not even a growl.  No noise was made at all when the key turned.  So we piled into the Subaru, which has aged 10 years in the 3 Kevin has driven it, and drove to church.  Kevin dropped us off and went to the office.  He showed up in time for his talk, though.

I really wanted to go home and be sick, but Kevin planned a cute Mother’s Day activity that the kids loved.  And then I had to pick up plans for the house I am building somewhere.   Every time I decide where, something happens.  I’m calling the builder today and whichever lot is the cheapest to build on, we will build on.  I bet they will be about the same.  That is how my luck is going. 

In addition, I think Kevin is going to bolt the side mirror onto the Subaru.  A few weeks ago, someone sideswiped the car and the passenger mirror is attached by the wires, but just hanging there.  While I was driving it due to the fact that the van had to be jump started every time you wanted to drive it, I called the dealership to get the mirror fixed.  This put Kevin into action.  He called a friend to help with the mirror.  I am all for driving not so flashy cars, but I would like them to at least not have bolts sticking out of them.  I think keeping cars looking decent is a good investment.  Plus, this is the first decent car we have owned and I would like it to stay that way.  I am sad to think it may become our second Kia.

The van starts now so Kevin never bought a battery for it.  I am waiting for it to fall apart on me again.  I am driving around with a battery in it to jump start it if needed.  I should not have to do this.  I think I may rebel and just buy a new battery even though things are working right now.  I think I may rebel so much that I will have someone actually put it in for me.  Last time Kevin put it in, he dropped a piece and never found it again.  May be why we are having problems again.

So that is why I wanted a nap on Mother’s Day.  I still want a nap.  I will be going grocery shopping instead.  I have a feeling I will buying an unhealthy amount of chocolate.

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