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Hey,  I just got back from the Surrey International Writer’s Conference and I realized life must change.  If I am going to take writing seriously, I have to take writing seriously.  So I need to find a domain name and get a URL and get on twitter and figure out who I am.  It has become a deep philosophical debate as to what my URL should be.  Who am I? Where do I come from?  Where am I going?  Am I marianneh?  mariannehr?  mariannehansen is already taken.  themariannehansen is also already taken.  Just marianne is taken.  I could be comedyoferrers but that may not tie in with all of the writing I choose to do.  I could be mariannerencher, but truth be told, I have never really felt like mariannerencher so I have canceled that out.  I could be blog.marianne but I don’t think I want to be that.  I think I could be which opens up the possibility that I could be seen as a nonprofit organization and people may send me donations.  I could be but then people may expect me to be a business and may want me to actually do something.  I could be but that seems too web for me and people may think I know something about the internet or technology and when my website is taken over by the neighbor kids, they may stop following me.

What it comes down to is that some time in the next month, I will have an internet host with my very own web page which will be nothing more than a glorified blog.  So instead of using this site for free, I will be having a similar site that I will be paying for.  I will also have to find pictures that are for sure not copyrighted which makes me sad because some of the pictures on this blog are incredible and I am really just helping people spread their talent by using their art without actually asking.  See?  I am helping.  I will be getting my pictures from creative commons instead.  They have good pictures too but it will not be the same.  But I am an adult and I can handle change.  Luckily I have children I can yell at when I get frustrated with the whole process.

More to come… Isn’t this exciting?

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