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Watching Television With Seth

Say Map!
Seth: No
Dora: Will you help Boots go up the mountain?
Seth: No
Dora: Are you strong?
Seth: No

Mickey Mouse Club
Mickey: Can you help Minnie find the yellow daisies?
Seth: No
Mickey: Can you clap your hands?
Seth: No

Yo Gabba Gabba:
Do you love your family too?
Seth: No
Can you get up and dance?
Seth: No

I’m sensing a theme…


  1. Annie says:

    That's so funny…..the way you write it makes me laugh even more. You're so funny.

  2. Cory and Tia says:

    Just keep telling yourself that his strength of will will be a boon when he's older – as long as he uses his powers for good, not evil…

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