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Where I’ve Really Been

Barry Manilow did shake me up a bit, but really I’ve just been busy with life.  Building a house takes time and there are so many decisions that I’m starting to become anti-invention.

I have to choose a shower door.  This can be framed, partially framed, or not framed at all.  It can have clear glass or textured glass and there are about 50 types of texture.  And do you want a hook handle or an L handle or use a half shower door that you just jump over in the morning?

You also get to choose the finish of your shower door frame but that choice should already be made because it should match your light fixtures and bath accessories which you should’ve chosen last month.  Obviously.

And I had to decide if I wanted rain gutters in certain areas that won’t actually help in the catching of rain but will add to the continuity of design.

I realize that none of these decisions will help the environment or world peace, but they still take time and I’m the one making them and I have to say I love my new house.  I really, really love it.  I didn’t think I’d be able to like a house as much as I do.

I am rethinking throwing out all of the furniture I got from IKEA 8 years ago, however, instead of packing them.  We still have beds and a kitchen table.  And a TV.

Maybe we do have all we need.  And if not, I can make furniture from the decorative rain gutters.

I picked these colors. I’m wondering if I should stay with the blue wrapping or cover it with stone.

(The gutters are free-range-eggshell, by the way.  And they’re organic.  I think I read you can eat them for protein.  That’s environmentally important.)


  1. le0pard13 says:

    Oh, I don’t envy that, Marianne. Best to you on the endeavor.

  2. Kristen Crockett says:

    Ugh, I get decision paralysis just reading this! It’s taken me 2 weeks of agony just to decide what color to repaint my front door. Building an entire house would send me to the loony bin.

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