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Why I’ve Decided to Stop Eating Sheet Cakes for Stress

Occasionally I’ve been known to eat sugar when stressed.  This generally occurs after 3:15pm.  I’m sure this is random and does not coincide with school being let out at this time.  I’m doing everything I can to believe grapes can give me the same fake, highly processed high.  The unripe bitter ones seem to help; mostly by making me nauseous.

And mostly I’m succeeding.  (It isn’t my fault it’s Girl Scout Season.) (Nor is it my fault that my daughter is a Brownie and I drive her to troop meetings twice a month and helped her reach her “cookie goal.”)

But Spring Break is in 1.5 weeks.  Many of you may be expecting me to say that I’m heading to Daytona Beach, due to my completely carefree, spontaneous, and uplifting take on life.  But it was booked.  So I’m taking my 3 kids to Salt Lake City; which is pretty much the same thing, if you think about it.

And while I’m there, I’m going swimming suit shopping.  I am determined to buy a swimming suit that isn’t black nor will it have “wonder” in the title.  So for the next 10 days, sugar will be down to a minimum.

And 10 minutes after I buy a swimming suit, I’ll be at In and Out Burger.

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