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Where am I? I am Working On the 1st Shoe Chronicle

While lying on the floor with my dog.

I will actually have some gorgeous pictures of shoes that will be in future chronicles taken by Skye Hatten.  But this month, I’m trying my hand, once again, to try and be an amazing photographer.

It’s taken me a little longer than I thought it would to choose which story I should start with.  And I think this will be a soft open.  The story I’d wanted to start with gets professional pictures.  So you’re going to have to deal with a picture I took and edited.

If we work together we can get through these difficult times.

Shoe Newsletter

She isn’t getting enough attention RIGHT NOW

Even Ginny the Dog isn’t buying it.

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P.S.  The Featured Image at the very top is me playing around with an Instax printer.  That is the picture I took with my phone but then I printed it.  It’s not the best quality of picture but it’s fun!  There are pros and cons to this printer and I haven’t tried it outside my house but right now, I love it and can’t wait to use it at a gathering I’m in charge of.  I should probably try it outside my house before that…  Or I can live on the wild side.


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